Welcome to Neu

If you are facing difficulties which you are struggling to overcome alone, The Neu Practice would like to help you.

The Neu Practice is a group of psychologists, psychotherapists and psychosexual therapists, working together in a clinic dedicated to Couples Therapy & Marriage Counselling, Family Therapy and Trauma Focused Therapies. We work hard to make a difference in the lives and relationships of our clients and the world of mental health treatment. We are here to help individuals, couples and families. Our clinicians are hand picked for depth of experience in their respective fields.

At Neu we focus on a dual approach of talk therapy alongside other therapies such as Somatic psychology, experiential therapies such as Sensorimotor, Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, Brainspotting & IFS & IMtt. which are powerful in affecting change.

Our work is informed by the latest neuroscience research and delivered in a space filled with compassion and understanding. The team come from a variety of therapeutic backgrounds and specialise in several methods of treatment. This enables us to provide a science-based, multi-disciplinary approach, designed to support and guide you through the particular issues that you may be facing.

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