Sophie Rameau

Sophie’s Sophrology sessions engage with the body and the mind to form a dynamic connection increasing awareness and conscious living. Techniques include breathwork, muscle relaxation and positive visualisation. Sophie introduces you to tailored tools and techniques that can be easily used on your own and integrated into your lifestyle to help you express your full potential and live a more fulfilled and enjoyable life.

Sophie holds her space with warmth and compassion. And she is always at hand to help you through any of the administrative processes at Neu.

Sophie heads up our administration at Neu Practice and is also a Wellness Coach and Sophrologist. Sophie specialises in sleep and stress management, wellbeing and personal development. She can work with individuals and groups to help increase self-confidence as well as engage with hope and access inner harmony. She is able to communicate in both English and French. 

Team Executive Assistant AND SOPHROLOGIST

Consultant Bio

At Neu Practice we focus on getting you to the type of relationships & connections with yourself or others that can feel nourishing, compassionate and resilient. We can help you move through challenging situations.