Gavin Farrell

  • Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

For over 20 years, Gavin has helped people cope with physical health conditions, chronic pain, addictions, severe neurological disorders and the psychological aspects that arise with neurodevelopment issues. His approach is gentle and effective, helping clients overcome difficult experiences, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions in order to be free to live the lives they desire.


His work is guided by the most recent discoveries in brain-body research, drawing from a range of treatment models in order to tailor-make effective treatment plans. Gavin works with innovative mind-body based therapies, such as Image Transformation Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique, as well as cognitive-behavioural, person-centred and psychodynamic therapies. 

  • Individual
  • Trauma
  • Neuropsychological issues

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
  • Health & Care Professions Council / Clinical Psychologist


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Consultant Bio

At Neu Practice we focus on getting you to the type of relationships & connections with yourself or others that can feel nourishing, compassionate and resilient. We can help you move through challenging situations.