Meet Our Team

Our team brings an array of specialities to the practice. We are a multi-disciplinary organisation and we work together to bring about change through insight. Each of our team members has a dedicated speciality and our workshops are run by therapists who are passionate about the field that they have chosen.

Our therapists come from many psychological backgrounds and work together to bring about long lasting change.

All of our therapists are registered by regulatory bodies and coaching federations.



Neu Practice - ShabinaShabina heads up Neu. Working closely with a team of carefully selected therapists and coaches. She is a Psychotherapist, Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist and Coach with over 12 years of experience.

Throughout this journey I have chosen to focus on equipping people with the skills and resources that they need. I am passionate about transformational change and this works differently for different types of people. Therapy for me has to be conducted with an experienced and curious facilitator who will illuminate through insight, which will lead to growth.

I believe that when we have a deeper understanding of ourselves and others we can have more mastery over ourselves and the worlds we inhabit.


Neu Practice - RowenaRowena is a highly skilled and experienced integrative psychotherapist and supervisor. She is also a trauma yoga teacher.  She draws from a variety of approaches. These include: Integrative, Gestalt therapy and solution focused approaches. Rowena works both short and long-term, and has diverse experience of mental health and clinical settings. She works with both individuals and couples.

Specialities include: couples, OCD, anxiety, depression, trauma.

Therapy for me is organic. It is unique to you and can unfurl moment to moment. It is about the journey we take together.  A safe, honest, respectful relationship that brings us to discover what might have been hidden.


Neu Practice - CarolineCaroline is a psychotherapist and counsellor. She is an integrative therapist, this means she incorporates different approaches to help you find the right fit.  Caroline works with individuals.

Specialities include: identity, work, anxiety, depression, bereavement, relationship struggles, women’s issues.

For me therapy is about unearthing resilience, and exploring and mastering inner power in order to reach personal and career goals.


Neu Practice - MurrayMurray is an experienced psychotherapist with a wide range of clinical experience. Murray works with individuals and couples in an integrative way.

Specialties: mens issues, addiction, trauma, bereavement, couples concerns, psychosexual, family, depression.

I am deeply interested in what makes us human. What gives us meaning? What gives us understanding?  I believe therapy has the potential to provide a genuine window into these worlds and the assumptions we bring to them. The result is real and enlightening insight which can make real change and genuine and lasting possibility.


Neu Practice - DavidDavid is a highly experienced therapist and facilitator. His 25 years of experience gives him a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. He works with individuals, couples and groups.

David’s primary approach is an Existential and Integrative therapist. He is a visiting tutor and course facilitator as well as a therapist.

I aim to create a compassionate, safe and confidential environment in order for us to develop a strong working partnership. We work together to help you better understand and clarify your views and values about the dilemma you may be facing. I believe that therapy can create the opportunity for insight and extend a capacity for choice and decision. You can consciously embrace and change to a way you would like to live.


Neu Practice - EtelEtel is an eminently seasoned child psychologist . She has worked with children for over 15 years in locations across the world. Etel brings with her kindness and wisdom. She has an ability to connect with children and see into their worlds in a way that can help overcome any issues that they face.

Etel holds a clinical doctorate in the US and has a multi-faceted approach with children. This involves assessment and then combinations of therapy with the child, and assistance to the parents.

My journey started with a dream. I am an idealist who wished to become a Psychologist since I was 12 years old. As an adolescent continuing this passion, I always created strong bonds with children. Being available for others, providing support, creating even a small difference in someone else’s life has always made me tremendously happy.


Neu Practice - ClairClair is a chartered clinical psychologist with over 10 years experience in multiple areas within the NHS.

She has specialised in working with couples, children and families. She uses contemporary psychological theories, and therapeutic models (ACT, CFT, EFT, DDP) tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

To find contentment and wellbeing we need to discover who we are and what we need.  There are many paths to help us do this.  The journey is to seek clarity, peace and growth within ourselves, as well as true connection in our relationships.  This is what leads to an authentic fulfilling and meaningful life.


Galit is a highly experienced Systemic Family Psychotherapist and Emotional Focused Therapy couples therapist.  She has been the lead family therapist in many clinical settings. Galit works with individuals, children, couples and families.  She has a warm approach and has experience of clients in various settings.


Neu Practice - LuizaLuiza is chartered psychologist and is qualified in psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy. Before working as therapist she ran a charity (Make-A-Wish Romania) and worked with children diagnosed with disabilities from autism spectrum.

Luiza has worked with adults, families, and children. She is a trained Emotional Focussed couples therapist and also specialises in working with different levels of trauma.


Neu Practice - HendrixHendrix is a warm, friendly and experienced family and individual psychotherapist.

He has worked for CAMHS for many years and is a regular teacher to other family therapists. He has a high degree of experience in different community settings and offers a very solid practical & insightful space.

I work with diverse issues and have supported clients with problematic relationships, infidelity, divorce, family and life issues. Creating a safe, non-judgemental environment is of utmost importance to me. I help you work through cycles of negative interactions to bring you to a more secure, more attached, and less conflicted place where resources and strengths can be recognised and built on. In our sessions, I will focus on your goals and work collaboratively with you to help you achieve them.